The most egregious example of Buy black desert silver

Operator Daum Games recently announced a solution to this problem, and will compensate the players encounter this problem. Unfortunately, however, all the wrong clothes role players still have to remain in the current location server. “If you do not want to continue playing the wrong that server, it can only be re-kneaded a role in the new district. In fact, only a small number of Buy black desert silver players affected, most players still normal, after estimating the workload and are not affected by the number of players, we believe that re-pinching role is the best measure. “this question server error area now repaired, but players still can not be affected by this use the default name and pre props. Daum will compensate these players some of the props, the specific compensation details will be announced later.


The new MMO game “Black Desert” is the focus of attention last month, the early version of the game items including landscaping and BUFF enhance aspects are astronomical. Players constantly grumbling, followed by Daum (operators) to adjust the price. The most egregious example of the game is worth $ 32 weapon skin jackets and suits, and now the price of this equipment has been adjusted from 3,200 to 2,900 pearls pearl – reduced by 10%. Pearl is the game currency, to $ 100 can buy pearls, although cheap, but you still have to pay $ 29. Players want to buy this equipment can be combined with 2,500 pearls price to buy this equipment.

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Fighters and archers are Black desert silver hot sale

Black Desert is a fantasy land based on the real world.Historical characters have been reinterpreted into characters that suit Black Desert. Fighters and archers are basic classes that anyone can understand.Magicians are separated into two classes that reflect the Eastern (Sorceress) and Western (Wizard) ideas of a magician.Other classes have been developed based on Black desert silver hot sale representative images of a warrior in respective continents, as well have various weapons, armor and accessories.Reflecting the fact that Black Desert contains all different climates, terrain and culture, characters with different personalities and story lines will be developed. We will accept player feedback when it’s needed.


By installing objects and manufacturing kits, players are able to obtain improved skills or craft advanced items such as siege weapons or high-priced trade items. Of course there are a lot of decorations. Houses also represent citizenship with a village or city. If you own a house, an NPC will buy out the items at a better price or one can build closer relationships to those NPCs faster than other players.

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The following section is Blackdesert Silver Powerleveling

Black Desert Online isn’t considered as a sandbox MMORPG for no reason. The game includes tremendous features that let you explore, build, craft, trade, and do everything on your own. The main purpose of the Black Desert Online isn’t just only trying to reach the level cap(in which this game does not have) as fast as possible and group up with friends to raid the hardest boss. This is not going to happen in Black Desert Online. Instead, it encourages you to fully participate in its rich crafting and trading features along with an exciting combat-oriented gameplay in mind. The Black Desert Beginner Guide aims to Blackdesert Silver Powerleveling  inform all significant features you will be seeing in Black Desert Online. Leveling, Class, crafting, trading, and even silver making guide are also included in this 4,000 words+ article.

The following section is used to help people understand the basic concept and play styles of the classes in Black Desert Online. They are not supposed to be full in-depth guides explaining every skills in detailed. Instead you should be able to decide yourself if you like to try out this class. Plus, they will provide some information about useful skills (not all of the classes skills) and gear of the class in addition to the basic information.

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The biggest feature is Black desert Daum Cash

And the game’s real physical collision effect is quite obvious, is not limited to between the characters and monsters, characters and NPC, between scenes are with the collision and the effect is quite real. “Black Desert” is in an open world, seamless map.Players can explore the maps unrestricted every corner. Rock climbing, and so omnipotent through the cave, you can also climb the city’s roofs, can be on the mountain at the flames. And the role of decomposition is very delicate operation, by the spacebar to climb up and down from the wall of Black desert Daum Cash the action quite realistic.


“Black Desert” by the South Korean online game gold producer, led by Kim Dae-day team, after four years of big-budget epic masterpiece developed. Although not yet determined the mainland agents, and they have reportedly China’s several agents in negotiations among the big game. The biggest feature is the use of open seamless map, players can experience the content business, housing, siege warfare, adventure and other fun-in the vast expanse of the game.

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Players are given a number of BDO Silver sale

Black Dessert offers players a really widely extended fantasy world where you won’t miss interesting fights in PvP mode.Close combat, from a distance, a film like siege of a castle – they are all wonderfully serviced by the game engine which combined with thoroughly designed graphics give a stunning effect. Players are given a number of economic possibilities thanks to BDO Silver sale which they are able to trade, gather necessary resources, cultivate a field, produce material goods or even hire characters for their own needs.The Black Dessert producers aim at making the production a unique and really fascinating one.Main game currency is gold , we offer you to buy Black Desert Online Gold on our website.


Black Desert Online has captured the hearts of a lot of MMO players. BDO is a game that breaks the typical mold and adds in quite a few features that aren’t typical of the genre that help increase immersion and make the dynamic sandbox experience a fun one.At least 2.8 million people seem to agree on that at the moment, with more logging on each day.

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Most of players are BDO Accounts

Most of players are concerned to tame wild horse to get the first mount in Black Desert. While,Taming horses can be quite hard at first and you can end up wasting materials. I recommend thoroughly reading this section of the guide before trying to tame a horse.In Black Desert, the Mounts is not only a transportation, but also it very important to help you enjoy the game well. There is no teleport point in Black Desert online, to acquire a mount can save lots of time for your character.

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Mounts have a small inventory which can be opened by going up to the mount and pressing “F2”. Here you drag and place, or right-click items from you inventory such as trade packs or extra potions. Mounts also have weight limitations and will move slower and lose endurance/stamina faster with items in their inventory.In Black Desert Online, Mounted combat only becomes available if the horse has stirrups equipped. Different each horse have different skills. Each time the horse levels they have a chance of BDO Accounts learning a new skill.The higher the tier, and the higher your taming level is, the more chance the horse will learn a new skill.

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