The most egregious example of Buy black desert silver

Operator Daum Games recently announced a solution to this problem, and will compensate the players encounter this problem. Unfortunately, however, all the wrong clothes role players still have to remain in the current location server. “If you do not want to continue playing the wrong that server, it can only be re-kneaded a role in the new district. In fact, only a small number of Buy black desert silver players affected, most players still normal, after estimating the workload and are not affected by the number of players, we believe that re-pinching role is the best measure. “this question server error area now repaired, but players still can not be affected by this use the default name and pre props. Daum will compensate these players some of the props, the specific compensation details will be announced later.


The new MMO game “Black Desert” is the focus of attention last month, the early version of the game items including landscaping and BUFF enhance aspects are astronomical. Players constantly grumbling, followed by Daum (operators) to adjust the price. The most egregious example of the game is worth $ 32 weapon skin jackets and suits, and now the price of this equipment has been adjusted from 3,200 to 2,900 pearls pearl – reduced by 10%. Pearl is the game currency, to $ 100 can buy pearls, although cheap, but you still have to pay $ 29. Players want to buy this equipment can be combined with 2,500 pearls price to buy this equipment.

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