Fighters and archers are Black desert silver hot sale

Black Desert is a fantasy land based on the real world.Historical characters have been reinterpreted into characters that suit Black Desert. Fighters and archers are basic classes that anyone can understand.Magicians are separated into two classes that reflect the Eastern (Sorceress) and Western (Wizard) ideas of a magician.Other classes have been developed based on Black desert silver hot sale representative images of a warrior in respective continents, as well have various weapons, armor and accessories.Reflecting the fact that Black Desert contains all different climates, terrain and culture, characters with different personalities and story lines will be developed. We will accept player feedback when it’s needed.


By installing objects and manufacturing kits, players are able to obtain improved skills or craft advanced items such as siege weapons or high-priced trade items. Of course there are a lot of decorations. Houses also represent citizenship with a village or city. If you own a house, an NPC will buy out the items at a better price or one can build closer relationships to those NPCs faster than other players.

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