Right away you get introduced to Blackdesert Silver Powerleveling

Black Desert Online, the Korean MMO famed for its extravagant character creator, is launching in North America, Oceania, and some European regions, Daum Games announced today. I had the chance to Blackdesert Silver Powerleveling spend some time in the closed beta of Black Desert Online, the new MMORPG from Korean developer Pearl Abyss. The game has been in development since 2010 and will be coming to Europe and America as a full release in 2016. The game shows a huge amount of promise.


Right away you get introduced to the most in-depth character creator working with the most beautiful character models you can find on the MMO market today. A few preset options can make the experience as short as you’d like, but for those willing to craft their perfect character, the option is there. Black Desert’s character creator holds a mixture of sliders, colors, and the ability to drag any body part to the shape you’d like it in order to be as in-depth as possible.

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