The biggest feature is Black desert Daum Cash

And the game’s real physical collision effect is quite obvious, is not limited to between the characters and monsters, characters and NPC, between scenes are with the collision and the effect is quite real. “Black Desert” is in an open world, seamless map.Players can explore the maps unrestricted every corner. Rock climbing, and so omnipotent through the cave, you can also climb the city’s roofs, can be on the mountain at the flames. And the role of decomposition is very delicate operation, by the spacebar to climb up and down from the wall of Black desert Daum Cash the action quite realistic.


“Black Desert” by the South Korean online game gold producer, led by Kim Dae-day team, after four years of big-budget epic masterpiece developed. Although not yet determined the mainland agents, and they have reportedly China’s several agents in negotiations among the big game. The biggest feature is the use of open seamless map, players can experience the content business, housing, siege warfare, adventure and other fun-in the vast expanse of the game.

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