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Most of players are concerned to tame wild horse to get the first mount in Black Desert. While,Taming horses can be quite hard at first and you can end up wasting materials. I recommend thoroughly reading this section of the guide before trying to tame a horse.In Black Desert, the Mounts is not only a transportation, but also it very important to help you enjoy the game well. There is no teleport point in Black Desert online, to acquire a mount can save lots of time for your character.

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Mounts have a small inventory which can be opened by going up to the mount and pressing “F2”. Here you drag and place, or right-click items from you inventory such as trade packs or extra potions. Mounts also have weight limitations and will move slower and lose endurance/stamina faster with items in their inventory.In Black Desert Online, Mounted combat only becomes available if the horse has stirrups equipped. Different each horse have different skills. Each time the horse levels they have a chance of BDO Accounts learning a new skill.The higher the tier, and the higher your taming level is, the more chance the horse will learn a new skill.

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