EA Sports’ FIFA was blindsided last year

Like the best professionals, Cheap FIFA 16 ps4 Points responds to an unexpected challenge with disciplined play driven by the knowledge of what it takes to win. Having slammed the door on its competition for much of the preceding console generation, EA Sports’ FIFA was blindsided last year by the soccer video game equivalent of an equalizer goal. Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 delivered stronger gameplay than FIFA 15, a withering success against a franchise that prides itself on technical brilliance.
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It’s hard to know why I, and millions of other football fans across the world, get so excited about the release of a new game that is, let’s face it, basically the same thing year on year. But we do and FIFA is back with it’s usual raft of tweaks designed to keep the game moving forward as well as the usual staple of fan favorites. Gradual improvement has been replaced by a huge leap forward and advanced face-mapping technology really bares fruit in the 2016 version of the franchise.

The drawback for FIFA in downplaying physical attributes and offering the player more control in certain areas is that it’s more obvious when the game makes any artificial intervention. Defenders are definitely given some unnatural help, firstly in matching attackers regardless of individual skills but more potently when dealing with crosses. Balls whipped in end up on a defender’s bonce suspiciously more often than not, and if the supernaturally unflappable goalkeepers leave their line you can forget it. They won’t miss.

I’ve seen their ‘punch from the penalty spot’ animation more times than I care to mention. You want to score from the wings? Zip it along the ground. He’s not indispensable, but Sunderland have enough headaches without having to replace a star. You’ve already got Defoe, Fabio Borini, and Ola Toivonen if needed, making Fletcher disposable. Sunderland won’t be winning the league anytime soon if you’re putting the difficulty up to a good level. And for that reason, cup games become all the more important.

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